Hastily scribbled on the shirt front. 


6:00 Rise

6:30 Coffee: precisely 40 beans to a cup

7:00 Begin composing

2:30 Walk the streets

3:00 Dinner at the café

3:30 Read my newspaper

3:45 Insult someone

4:00 Back to work


My Immortal Beloved:

Julie, Antonie, Therese,

Giulietta, Amalie, Bettina,




Pick up support check from Prince Lichnowsky



Tell the prince that there will be thousands of princes, but only one Beethoven!!



Giving piano lessons again


Stamped on back of shirt (near collar): Found in the former belongings of his former cleaning lady. Used as a dustcloth until 1842


For 2XL an additional $3.00 is added.


Formerly Worn By Beethoven

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